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Youth (aged 12-15) will develop athletic foundations and experience challenging opportunities while enhancing their athleticism, co-ordination, strength training and advanced wrestling techniques through a
modern training regime in an engaging and professional environment.

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YouthClub, tailored for youths aged 12-15, marks the initial step on their journey towards becoming elite athletes. This program benefits youths seeking a new sports experience or utilizing it as cross-training for other sports.

Through YouthClub, youths engage in various fun games, develop motor skills and movement patterns, master self-defense moves through wrestling, learn gymnastics, and improve core strength and flexibility. The program offers program-specific activities to keep them captivated and entertained.

Designed to instill passion, a sense of belonging, and belongingness, YouthClub serves as an excellent introduction to adolescent athleticism and a new sporting experience in a positive and engaging training environment. As youths participate in the program, they build character, resilience, and disciplines, fostering healthy self-awareness and a sense of achievement.

Youths enrolled in YouthClub undergo training once a week, which is sufficient for an introduction to the program. For those interested in learning wrestling, there are options for wrestling lessons for kids in Melbourne, as well as Pro wrestling schools for kids, providing an ideal opportunity for young athletes to explore and excel in the sport.

Explore the different wrestling classes for youth.

YouthPro, a comprehensive two to three days per week training regime, is designed for youths aiming to experience elite athlete training and join an elite team.

Modernized to enhance health, athleticism, character, discipline, and work ethics, the program teaches youths advanced self-defense moves through wrestling, strength training, and conditioning. They also learn about the nature of training, competition, and performance required at elite levels.

YouthPro’s primary goal is to shape adolescent perceptions of the training and commitment needed for pursuing a future sporting career while being a full-time student/athlete.

Through this program, youths find opportunities to identify a sense of belonging in today’s society through sports, guiding them toward becoming part of the elite youth wrestling team and serving as sporting ambassadors. They aspire to represent AthletePro and Australia at future National or International wrestling events.

For those seeking wrestling lessons for kids or interested in pro wrestling schools for kids in Melbourne, YouthPro provides an ideal platform for young athletes to learn and excel in the sport of wrestling.

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