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Young Rookies (aged 7-11) will develop foundations in athleticism, co-ordination, mobility, flexibility, body-weight exercises and wrestling (self-defense) techniques in a fun, entertaining and positive environment.




Fun and Happy

RookieClub, the perfect introduction to a healthy lifestyle and a new sporting program, offers kids an opportunity to have fun while developing essential motor skills, movement patterns, and self-defense moves through wrestling.

In this positive environment, kids enrolled in RookieClub experience a sense of belonging and passion as they participate in a variety of games, gymnastics, and other sport-specific activities. With training once a week, RookieClub builds character, resilience, and discipline, fostering healthy self-awareness.

For those interested in learning wrestling, RookieClub also serves as a wrestling school, making it an ideal choice for parents searching for wrestling lessons for kids or looking for a kids’ wrestling class near me in Melbourne.

Explore our kids wrestling classes today.

Kids enrolled in the RookiePro will have training sessions two to three times per week with the aim of experiencing what it feels like to train like an elite athlete.

The program is designed, modified and modernized to inspire Rookies to establish healthy lifestyle routine, core strength, flexibility, master many self defense moves through wrestling, developing movement patterns, learn gymnastics, take part in a problem solving games and other fun yet challenging sport-specific activities.

RookiePro builds passion, character, work ethics, sense of belonging, and excitement for being part of the RookiePro team and being an athlete. Rookies will experience advance education in the sport of Olympic Wrestling and will have the opportunity to be part of a more rigorous training schedule that is required when training for annual Youth Wrestling Nationals.

For parents searching for wrestling lessons for kids or a wrestling school in Melbourne, RookiePro offers an ideal choice, helping young athletes to excel and thrive.

Join our wrestling lessons for kids today.


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2 sessions per week


3 sessions per week



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