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How Safe Are Wrestling Lessons For Kids

Like every other sport, there will always be highs and lows so here are a few key ideas you can use to determine if wrestling is the next sport your child will try.

By learning the basics early on, kids will develop their wrestling skills while having fun. With wrestling training, your child will become fit and active while improving their mobility, coordination, speed, endurance, balance, strength, agility, and flexibility. In the RookieClub program, children are supervised by experienced coaches and will learn the skills they need to train, compete and perform. . Founded by Richard Weiss OLY, an Australian Olympian and 3 times World Team member, each program encapsulated his knowledge and experience to ensure your child’s safety is the outlining focus while allowing them to achieve their ambitions. Investing his experience, knowledge, and research of both transitional and modern training methods, he has carefully designed every program to suit the age group and their skill set with the aim to deliver effective and optimal value to every athlete. 

Like all sports, wrestling has a risk of injuries that tends to increase when unrealistic expectations do not meet the current skill set of the child. . A comprehensive training program can reduce the risk of injury in wrestling. This program has been shown to reduce injury due to the application of a coaching philosophy that is focused on athletes’ development. AthletePro’s coaching philosophy is all about 3 key developmental phases – teaching young athletes how to train first, followed by how to compete and then how to perform. The duration of each phase strongly relies on athletes’ DNA, learning capabilities, mental status and recognized aspirations.

Wrestling lessons for kids set the foundation for their success later in life because at an early age they learn how to be disciplined and learn the work ethics associated with the sport of wrestling. To become a wrestler, your child will also have an opportunity to compete in wrestling matches and competitions. 

All children love to fight with each other, to spend time with a group of small children, and this will become apparent very quickly. In addition to gaining confidence in practicing wrestling techniques, children’s practice usually consists of fun games such as warm-ups or cool-downs, and games are often played that use wrestling-related skills and modified competitive games. 

The phase of learning how to compete for the aspiring athletes paves the way for social and cultural opportunities where athletes experience traveling domestically (later on internationally) and meeting other athletes from all around the world and learn how to build new relationships, embrace other cultures and environments. With competition also comes the most important factors and that is learning resilience through losing and triumph through success. 

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Wrestling improves the mental aspects of resilience, self-control, self monitoring, and knowledge to do the right thing. 

The basics needed to reach the highest level in wrestling must be learned in wrestling school, and if you are willing to work hard to prepare, there is no limit to what you can achieve in sports.Once our kids are focused on the process, we still need to get them to accept the fact that their process isn’t always perfect. After all, we can’t expect them to train one way and then compete another way on game day. Through our Rookie program, we focus on movement patterns and motor skills which will prevent mistakes and undesirable sport-related habits from occurring.

As they grow older, they can participate in the YouthClub where they will have the opportunity to develop athletic foundations and experience challenging opportunities while enhancing their athleticism, coordination, strength training and advanced wrestling techniques through a modern training regime in an engaging and professional environment. Those involved will have the benefit of being involved in an advanced sports program.

Many wrestling schools also encourage young athletes to play more sports to avoid burnout or overuse injuries. Therefore, families also encourage their children to participate in wrestling and other organized sports.

It is important to remember that good preparation and training can help reduce many of the risks associated with amateur wrestling. However, with proper education and training, these risks can be reduced and student-athletes can stay healthy and in the game. 

Our team approach provides an appropriate experience for newcomers to the sport, and for the competitive wrestlers to take their performance to the next level. Our mission is to provide fun, educational and competitive lessons to support growth and continuation.