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To be an Australian leader for introducing young generations to the sport of Olympic wrestling and offering modernized training environments to optimize one’s health, athletic development and elite sporting performance.

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AthletePro, implements, supports and fosters early training initiation and performance training processes to further one’s athletic development and enhancement of their overall wellbeing and health. We help our athletes develop high moral qualities to endeavor to perform their best in life and sport. We do this by applying physical, technical, tactical and psychological preparation, research work and the training routines to advise, educate and help our athletes optimize their health, training experiences and athletic performance.

Founded by Australian Olympian and 3 times World Team member Richard Weiss.

I am passionate and enthusiastic to invest my knowledge, time and effort to see amateur, semi-pro and professional athletes find their athletic mastery and optimal performance. I have experience in domestic and international athlete development and high performance coaching and management. I am data analysts and interested in sports science. I am a Child Safe Trainer, member of International Network of Wrestling Researchers, Certified Wrestling Coach through World Academy of Sport/United World Wrestling and Strength Conditioning Coach with Australian Strength & Conditioning Association. I study traditional and modern training modules and data available to deliver the optimal value to my athletes.