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Things To Know Before Enrolling In A Wrestling School

At Athlete Pro, we understand the need for physical activity from a young age. Therefore, our wrestling classes are designed for every different age group, to give your children the opportunity to participate and drill with students of their age group. We are ambitious to help your children achieve their dreams of becoming professional wrestlers or guide them to building a stronger body.

To begin the journey, you’ll need sportswear such as a compression T-shirt, comfortable shorts, knee pads, and wrestling shoes. You also have to prepare your children to be confident and take risks. It is a safe environment with premium quality equipment and expert wrestling coaches who have been in the industry for many years. Even professional wrestlers once felt uncomfortable at the start of their careers but it’s their resilience and consistency that helped them achieve their goals. Each coach is prepared to help every student absorb the most out of every wrestling lesson and help them be a better version of themselves.

You will need to enroll in a wrestling school to learn how to wrestle properly. All parents are strongly encouraged to participate; however, this is especially important for parents of new fighters. Students will feel more comfortable and supported to see their guardians also participating and attending their competitions and practice classes. Furthermore, it is good for the parents to understand and witness all the exercises completed to give their children the opportunity to practice outside the wrestling ring too. We also encourage guardians to build a relationship with their children’s coach and if they have any enquiries or worries to simply reach out.

wrestling school

Attending a wrestling school at Athlete Pro is all about creating successful long-term athletic experiences for girls and boys. Our key approach in working with the young athletes is to ‘teach them how to train’ followed by ‘teaching them how to compete’ followed by ‘teaching them how to win’. The benefits of the athletic journey is becoming a ‘Role Model, Good Citizen and Ambassador’ for the sport, country and community. The skills learned in the journey last a lifetime.

For those ready to experience professional wrestling and searching for the required coach and high performance training, the Pro Programs are specifically designed to optimize an athlete’s performance, build strong work ethics with high commitment and a healthy competitive mindset while focusing on mastering their academic and athletic aspirations. 

Our mission is to be an Australian leader in influencing the lives of young wrestlers and empowering them through the proven benefits of Olympic wrestling. Using our expertise and modernized training environment, we establish the strong foundations for a professional wrestling career by optimizing one’s health, athletic development and elite sporting performance. With the experienced and knowledgeable Australian Olympian Richard Weiss, it is guaranteed that every student will receive all the training required to accomplish their goals and most importantly, how to play the sport safely while having fun.