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The Benefits Of Kids Wrestling Classes

As the sport of wrestling becomes more popular in the Melbourne area, the benefits of enrolling children in the sport are becoming more and more apparent. With mental aspects such as self-confidence and discipline being taught through the sport alongside the physical fitness benefits, an increasing number of parents are seeking to enroll their children in wrestling lessons for kids. 

One of the greatest things wrestling can teach people is the process of self-drive. Wrestling teaches values ​​throughout a lifetime that go far beyond winning or losing and lay the foundation for success in sports and success in life. Wrestling puts athletes in situations where they have to dig and fight to reap the rewards. Participation in wrestling differs from participation in many other sports due to the combative nature of wrestling. 

Due to these mental aspects of the sport, wrestling is becoming a popular choice for children as young as 7 to enroll. At Athlete Pro, we have designed the RookieClub to allow children to develop a passion for the sport and a sense of belonging. The fun and friendly club is your child’s first step to becoming an elite athlete as we will focus on building strong motor skills, movement patterns, self defense, gymnastics and other sport-related skills including resilience and discipline to form a healthy, physical lifestyle. Kids wrestling should be fun when they focus on the basics of the sport, and setting the foundation for their success later in life because at an early age they learn to be disciplined and work hard.

Choosing wrestling as a primary sport for kids will greatly benefit from the skills they will learn on the wrestling mat. Just like life, wrestling teaches kids what to expect from the input. Wrestling teaches young people the value of hard work and the importance of setting goals and working hard to achieve them. Wrestling is one of the best sports helping children build character, develop self-confidence, resilience, improve discipline, and increase the will to succeed.

The life skills and principles of success that young fighters develop as they learn to fight are very valuable for moving forward in life. Whether they have won nationals or world titles or not, the mental, physical and emotional qualities honed by the beautiful sport of wrestling constitute a real advantage for all who participate. Wrestling, like any other sport, can help our young children and teenagers stay fit while teaching them life skills, from the ability to follow a routine to the ability to take charge and stay strong under pressure. Wrestling can be an intimidating sport, but it is also a sport with great potential for developing young people, both physically and mentally.

For those youngsters eager to take their wrestling skills to the next level, the RookiePro club is where they belong. It is modified and modernized to provide a realistic wrestling experience with a rigorous training schedule. Rookies will learn to master many self-defense techniques, enhance their core strengths and fall into a healthy lifestyle while being challenged with sport-related obstacles. 

At the most basic level, fun is the main reason to get into wrestling. Wrestling is considered an individual sport, but it incorporates many of the benefits of a team sport. At AthletePro athletes learn how to be a team, work as a team, and communicate as a team while developing as individuals. 

Experiencing long-term athletic development is a bonus of the sport, as it enhances the natural athletic abilities they have and strengthens them from a young age to build sturdy skills such as balance, reflexes, strength, endurance and agility. A youth wrestling program can benefit children as it can help teach about nutrition, discipline, self-confidence, and inner strength to overcome obstacles.

Similar to any contact sport, wrestling also comes with its risks just like any other sports such as AFL, Rugby, Tennis, Netball, Basketball and others. However, those risks are minimized with professional supervision of coaches who have many years of experience and know how to apply safe principles to the mat with all age groups. On the other hand, by starting in the wrestling community at an early age, your kids can make lifelong friends and develop a rewarding interest that will stay with them over time. Wrestling is one of the oldest sports in the world for good reason, providing benefits socially, mentally and physically.  

At AthletePro, we help those interested in a career path reach the professional Olympic level. We educate our students on the Olympic Movement which implements 3 key values;

  • Excellence: this refers to achieving personal objectives with a positive mindset, determination and effort. The Olympics Movement is not focused on winning but rather participating and making personal progress both in the sport and in personal lives. 
  • Friendship: through sports, the Olympics demolishes any political bridges, economic issues, racial or religious differences and encourages a peaceful, better world through solidarity and optimism in team spirit.

Respect: the Olympic Movement expects respect from one player to another, respect for the rules and the game and lastly respect for the environment and the country.