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AthletePro’s vision for the next four years is to become an Australian leader in initiating young generations into the sport of Olympic wrestling by offering a modern training environment to optimize your child’s health and athletic development.

The sport of wrestling offers significant benefits and I love the way Cael Sanderson, most decorated USA collegiate wrestler, 2004 Olympic Gold medalist and Head Coach of Penn State defines the importance of ‘Why My Kids Will Wrestle’ in his blog

What a great read and an outstanding expression on the understanding of the sport from the personal and professional experience.

AthletePro conducted a small demographic analysis of our Frankston community population and using the 2011 Census Data we identified a realistic goal of recruiting 1% of the community kids and youth into AthletePro.

To reach our desired recruitment target, AthletePro key recruitment strategy will rely on the professional service we provide, through visiting AthletePro Website, Liking & Sharing AthletePro Facebook Page and following us on AthletePro Twitter and Instagram.

Our recruitment goal for 2017 is to recruit 1% of the population aged 6 – 13 from Frankston City by the November 2017 to our Rookie and Youth programs.

AthletePro Rookie

ROOKIE/AGE 6 7 8 9 10 11
Male 8 8 8 8 8 8
Female 7 7 7 7 8 8


AthletePro Youth

Male 9 8
Female 8 8


I would like to invite each parent to read about AthletePro, what we offer and the benefits associated with participation in our programs.

I look forward meeting you and see your child becoming an AthletePro. Make an enquiry now.

For more information about an athletic career and the sporting opportunities the sport of Olympic Wrestling offers please visit United World Wrestling website.